Vine & Branches is a community of Christian students on the campus of Northern Kentucky University.  Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus through relationships to transform our campus and the world.  We value relationships and discipleship. We hope to help one another leave NKU not just with a degree, but a real sense of God's calling on our lives.


Vine & Branches, formerly known as the Northern Kentucky Wesley Foundation (still the official name of our non-profit), is a United Methodist campus ministry serving with all students since 1976 on the ever-changing campus of Northern Kentucky University. We are open to all student regardless of church affiliation.  We gather to worship, eat, study, work, and build community.  We’d love to connect with you!


We have a student center we call the Treehouse located adjacent to campus at 128 John's Hill Rd, Highland Heights, KY 41076.  Click here for a super fun map.



Renee Jennings is from Louisville, KY. A Netflix enthusiast, you will probably find her knitting and contemplating the theological undertones of your favorite shows. She has quite the knack for striking up conversations with random people about random subjects, and gets very excitedupon meeting  fellow geeks. She attended NKU for several years before finishing her bachelors degree at Indiana University. She returned home to Louisville Seminary for her Master of Divinity. 

Renee is married to her awesome husband, Patrick. They live in Highland Heights with Oswald the Bunny and Aago the Parrot. She loves Jesus, knitting, cooking, reading & studying, Star Trek, Captain America, her nephew, and coffee.  

Also, Renee is a Ravenclaw and a Horned Serpent. In case that is important to you.