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how to get involved


We believe that life lived in the way of Jesus is best done in community. You can get involved with us in one of the following ways. Also check out the "Schedule" tab.

Wednesday Gathering


We gather  weekly on Wednesdays for food, music, prayer, and teaching. The food is most often home-cooked and always delicious.  Our worship time is community-focused, conversational and engaging (Haven't you spent enough time this week listening to folks lecture?)

Our meals start at 6 pm on Wednesdays at the V&B Student Center (located at 15 Clearview Drive, Highland Heights, KY). Worship follows at 7 pm. We hang out afterwards, studying and playing games, around 8 pm.

Small Groups

Vine & Branches has sponsored a wide variety of small groups, generally themed around cultural and special interests, studies, and/or hobbies. Are you interested in joining a group, or in V&B sponsoring your group? Reach out and let us know!

the 507 on campus worship


Once a month (generally 4th Sunday) we have an on campus worship time on Sundays beginning at 5:07pm with dinner following at 6:07pm. We invite in gifted praise bands from the area to lead us in music combined with a message and prayer.



Life together also means delighting in one another's company.  You'll often find us break bread, sharing pizza, and sipping coffee together when we gather.  We also set intentionally set aside one Friday a month to do something fun together like miniature golf, bowling, and such.

fall retreat / spring break mission trip


We also have 

fall retreat / spring break mission trip


We also have more occassional events such as our Fall Retreat with other Kentucky campus ministries (September 11-13 for 2015). We also go on a mission/service trip to Biloxi, Mississippi working with a church of the homeless overing Spring Break.

Espresso Team


Do you want to learn how to make coffee magic happen? We are always looking to train new baristas and help people become full-fledged coffee nerds. Espresso team training is available Wednesdays and Thursdays, on RSVP.


Or just come and drink our practice lattes. Because coffee. 

FuelNKU Food Collection

We are always collecting food for both our own pantry and our university's food pantry. Most needed items include toilet paper, deodorant, canned fruit, microwaveable pasta, soap, and granola bars. 

Fall Retreat /
Spring Break Mission Trip

We also put together annual events, such as our Fall Retreat with other Kentucky campus ministries. 

Our spring break mission trip generally focuses on disaster relief.


Stop by the Student Center to ask questions and learn more! 

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